17 11 / 2011

So Monday someone from my group in my sound effects class e-mailed us to let us know she had the flu and wouldn’t be in. My immediate reaction was to use hand sanitizer everywhere because it seems in my experience that if someone gets sick in one of my classes half the people will fall in the next week. Wednesday my friend whose also in my group texts me to say now SHE has the flu! My reaction…

Cause I definantly DON’T want sick right now! My mom goes into surgery in two weeks and I have to run the whole damn show for awhile. Why? Because I’m too nice I guess. She gives me hell about EVERYTHING I do but I can’t just walk away and say no when someone needs help, including her. But the point is I’m learning everything I need to do and being taught right now so I need to be able to focus. The LAST thing I need is to be laying around in bed sick!

So I wake up this morning and my knee is killing me! (I have horrible knees so the pain is pretty bad when it hurts) And my throat is a little tingly at the back…So I take a pain pill and I’m laying in bed when I recall, “Hey the last time I had the flu didn’t it hurt all over and my throat tingle before it hit?”

Yes, why yes I believe it did….

And I’ve been getting worse since then. My whole body hurts now, my throat still tingle, my head hurts along with everything else and feels stuffy and I just feel like passing out…

I’m pretty damn sure I have the flu or something like it. I’m going to kill my group if I feel better by Monday. Kill, them, all! D<

  1. cr8vecrmsda said: I hope you feel better and don’t have the flu. Hopefully you can try and get some sleep tonight. That’s always something that helps a bit. The flu and colds have been traveling around CCAD as well. It’s terrible and the weather makes it worse.
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